Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Finally Friday!!!

I am so glad that this week is coming to an end and I get to spend the weekend with my family. I have had a very stressful and emotional week and am glad to be ending it on a happy note!

Last Thursday I was, shall we say blindsided, by my babysitter that informed me that she could not handle taking care of Cole anymore. She has a 2 and 5 year old so I completely understand, but at the same time I was completely frustrated because we were finally getting into a routine and also because I had no idea where I was going to find another sitter that I would trust. I left her house stunned and trying to keep emotionally stable for the drive home, but that lasted only 2 blocks, because Scotty called and I broke down on the phone explaining the situation. Let me just say I enjoy my 30 minute drive to and from Enid, because it gives me time to plan out my evening, next day, next week, etc whatever needs to be planned out, so I spent the whole drive home racking my brain for a possible idea of who could watch my baby boy.

This was the closest I have come to being ready to quit my job because I was NOT putting my child in an institution (what I call daycare centers), but I also know that we cannot afford that so I continued to rack my brain for ideas. I do have wonderful parents and inlaws that are always willing to help me out with the kids when I have a childcare hiccup, but this was way more that a little hiccup, this was HUGE and long term problem that needed resolving immediately. Scotty had made some phone calls on his way home of some friends of ours that are stay at home moms, and I had come up with a few people I new watched children or some other moms that have their kiddos in an in home daycare to talk to and see if they had any openings. We did have this week covered as the boys and I were both off on Monday and mom could watch Cole the rest of the week, but next week she had to work everyday. The pressure was on.

By Saturday, I was ready to stick my head in the sand and not think about it, but it was very much an all consuming thought in my head. Saturday night we heard back from the people Scotty had called, and she had a daycare in Crescent and was wanting to move it to her home in Marshall, but not until after school was out in May. Strike one! I called and in home daycare on Monday while I was home for Presidents day and found she was full and didn't have anyone to refer me too. Strike Two! I talked to a teacher at the Muffins with Mom on Tuesday at Cody & Kyle's school and she said she would check with her daycare lady to see if there was any opening there. Wednesday I went to the school mass for Ash Wednesday and begged, pleaded and prayed to God that I would find an answer very soon. After mass I talked with the teacher and she informed me that her daycare lady has 2 pregnant ladies that she is holding spots for. Strike THREE! I talked with Amanda after mass and asked her to check with her friends and see if they knew anyone that watched kids and also asked her to pray that we found something quick. I really should have asked my Mimi to pray, since she has a direct link  for prayers to God. Here I am with only a few days of the week and I am desperate.

I turned to the internet and did find a list of in home daycares, but they only had the individuals names, phone number and capacity. Well, I went through the list and picked out names I liked and that sounded good. Really this is how I am going to find a quality childcare provider by picking out names I liked, but how else was I going to choose? Well once I picked out a name I had to cross reference the phone book and google maps to find that address and location so that I was not choosing someone on the southwest side of town when I work on the northeast side of town. I also knew that there had to be some site that showed results from DHS inspections. I finally found a website with such information and started going through it which is a much better way that eeny meeny miney moe procedure I was using earlier.

 I came across a lady that lives up the street from a friend of mine on the north side of town, I called her and she had an opening. FINALLY! I still didn't know a thing about her, so I called my friend and asked her about her and got great info about her, namely there has not been alot of North Enid PD activity at her house. I called Scotty about my findings and we agreed that she was worth looking into. I called the lady back and asked her to not give away that spot (that would be my luck) and set up a meeting with her on Thursday morning. I met with her yesterday, and have a great feeling about her and feel that she is qualified to care of my child (she has 6 boys of her own!) and the facility is very nice, so he starts on Monday. HOME RUN !!!!!!

I love  and greatly appreciate how fast God answered my pleas and prayers as I was beginning to get physically ill from the stress of finding someone to watch him.

So there has been the last week of my life, in probably more detail that was wanted but you got it anyway!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend and hope to be writing to you all more regularly.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Yes, I am Alive, Kinda

Just in case you thought that had moved to some remote location without access to internet, you would be partially correct. I have taken up residence in Babyland, in a somewhat quaint neighborhood called Motherhood and our house sets at the end of Lack of Sleep Lane.

I attempted once to start a blog when Cole was a week or two old, so that I could load pictures of Cole to show off, but after I got the pictures downloaded and attempted to upload one picture of him to the blog, he woke up and needed feeding. I apologize to my faithful followers for the lack of updating and no pictures, but this little bundle has been taking up my time, as he should.

He is now 7 weeks old and cute as a button. I returned to work last week and he is very well taken care of by my niece. His sleep schedule has gone from up every 2 hours to now 4-6 hours at a time. He does not like being held like a baby, he prefers to sit up, stand up and look out at people unless he is sleepy then he likes to snuggle and be semi cradled.

His brothers are truly a HUGE help to me, although sometimes a little to helpful. They are great fetchers and entertainers so that I can move laundry around and use the bathroom. I do not like to take Cole by myself in the car, especially if he is awake, as he does not like to be in the backseat by himself. When we drop his brothers off at school and he is awake, he fusses and cries all the way to the babysitters.

He goes back to the doctor on the 20th of this month for his 2 month checkup and shots, but if I were guessing he is around 15 lbs and I think he has probably grown in lenth also. As of his 1 month birthday he was up to 12.4 lbs and 25 1/2 inches long.

Since my life is back to somewhat of a routine, I hope to update more often.