Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Think I Lost My MIND!!!

A mind is a wonderful thing to have, and when you lose it...well you are lost.

My grandma, mom, sisters and I have all been blessed with fairly good memories, some better than others (Amanda). I used to pride myself on having a a fairly good memory for all sorts of important and random information. I can probably tell you (within a few days) of most all of my high school classmates birthdays. I have a knack for remembering random lines of movies. I can sing you random lyrics from a song (but don"t ask me the name or the artist, that is where my sister's talents come in). I can remember where things at work are filed or stored and how to un-jam the copier.

Well here lately I have forgotten many things and I am not sure what to contribute it too. It could be a little stress from work as we are undergoing a transition to a new accounting system and all the training and information has completely overloaded my brain. It could be keeping up with my husband, children and I's meeting, appointments, needs, etc. that need to be coordinated. It could be the events that have occurred in my life as of late (see previous post). It could be that "the old gray mare just ain't what she used to be."

So how does one know they have lost their mind, you ask?! Well how I realized I had officially lost mine was when last Monday I came to work with two different shoes on!!! I was sitting at my co-workers desk discussing some issues when I looked down at saw that I had one black sandal and one brown sandal on. No they were not the same style. No they did not have the same heel height (although within 1/4 inch). The kicker to all this was that I discovered it at 9:10 a.m. and I had them on for over 2 hours before I even noticed! Well let's just say it added quite the comic relief to my fellow co-workers and myself that day, and was asked throughout the week for random shoe checks. There was a brief photo op, where pictures were taken by a few coworkers and myself and sent to their spouses (including my hubby) so that they could share in this epic event.

So as I ponder whether to pray to St. Anthony or to St. Jude for the return of my memory and fast and you happen to see it running around, wandering aimlessly through your neighborhood, please send it back in my direction.

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  1. I recommend praying to both, just to be safe. It's called 'being the mom'; bit by bit it drains all your brain power. In another twenty years you'll have to start writing th