Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twas the Night Before Baby!

Twas the night before baby and all through the abode
Every creature was stirring, preparing our loads.

Cleaning and packing and last minute details
And trying to remember what having a baby entails!

We should all be resting, but cannot settle down
Well maybe Kyle and daddy, but not Cody or mom.

Everyone is excited and ready to see
What God and Santa has brought for our family tree.

Just a few more hours of waiting and off to Enid we will go
To have our best Christmas present ever delivered and may even have snow!

And to all a GOOD NIGHT!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quick Update

Well here I am less than 2 days from delivery and trying to get things together and organized.

Here is a little recap of out past week:

Monday was haircuts for the boys and Cody and the Tiger cubs caroling at the nursing home. The thought was great, but the implementation of having 10 boys caroling up a down a hallway signing Christmas songs the correct way lacked some planning. Most of the residents were already in bed, so only 3 were out in the hallway to actually see them. The boys were also a little amped up, so trying to keep them together and singing was fun.

Tuesday I had a work Christmas party with all the girls. One of the ladies graciously hosted the party and made some awesome soup. They also had wine and Disarrona, but I enjoyed my water just fine. We had a rousing game of Dirty Santa and discussed our favorite Christmas memories. It was a great time for us all to relax and enjoy the company. I then picked up the boys from my inlaws and headed home.

Wednesday was an evening relaxing at home with laudry to do and prep for my busy Thursday.

Thursday started with Kyle's Christmas program, which was cute. Unfortunately where Kyle stood was right in the middle at the bottom, which is where the music stand and the music teacher stood. Needless to say the photo op wasn't so good. I had to pass up a lunch invite from my mom and sister because I had to get back for a board meeting at work. After the board meeting I had to get some things together and start tying up lose ends because Friday was my last day. I then went to my baby doctor appointment that afternoon. No changes there, the heart rate was 144, i lost 3 lbs, and my blood pressure was good. Everything is set for an 8:00 am c-section on Monday. I then went to get a few more Christmas presents taken care and then to my inlaws for homework with Cody, dinner and getting the boys ready for Cody's program. It was then off to the Christmas Program, which was great. They had some really great children soloists that sang, including the pricipal that used to sing the Notre Dame choir. I talked to him after the program and he said that he was so nervous and didn't want to mess up the kids. I find that humbling that he was nervous because of all the places he has sung at in the past and he cantors at most of the masses. We made it home in time for bedtime, which we were all pretty beat.

Friday went so very fast. I was trying to get piles of work and information distributed to the necessary parties as it was my last day until the first of February. We also had our Christmas potluck, that had great food and and opportunity for all the staff to get together. After the potluck it was back to delegating duties and cleaning off my desk. At 4:30 I realized that I needed to make it to the cleaners to pickup Scotty's suit coat for this evenings party. I made a quick trip to the bank and then to the mall to finish what I could of my Christmas shopping. I found that I was not really in the condition to walk the mall, but I powered through and finished Scotty, Gina and my mother in laws' shopping completed. YAY ME!! I even was able to get Scotty's gift wrapped by some nice kids from Waukomis Christmas church so that I don't have to find a place to hide it. The only shopping left is my dad, my father in law and a few more things for the boys and stocking stuffers, which Scotty is in charge of. I went got the kiddos from my inlaws, drive thru washed the red mud off my car, picked up Mickey D's for supper and got gas, then it was homeward bound. I had plans of starting dishes and laundry, but was too exhausted to plug on.

Today is laudry, packing and getting ready for Scotty's work Christmas party. Tomorrow is the Moody family Christmas and last minute prep for Monday.

Hope everyone is staying calm and in the Christmas spirit.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday Tidings

I'm back and even made it for an edidtion of Ten on Tuesday!

1. We are now on 12 days or less until we get to meet the newest member of the Moody mob! We finally bought a carseat last weekend, but still need to get the room in order. I am not much of a decorator and I also know that it will get done, even if it is after we get home from the hospital. Besides it will give Scotty something to do while he is home with us for a week.

2. Kyle's birthday was last Thursday, which he had been counting the days for a week. Every morning he would ask on the way to school how many days until his birthday. He chose Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner and was super excited about his free dessert. We had his family party on Sunday, which was postponed from Saturday due to me being a little under the weather. Aunt Gina made him a awesome Bumblebee Transformer cake. She got to make  two cakes because Andy decided to do a quality control test on the chocolate cake and frosting to make sure it was satisfactory, luckily it was not decorated!

3. I am now getting into the Christmas spirit, still no decorations up,  but I purchased some Christmas music. I bought Manheim Steamroller, Straight No Chaser and Trans Siberian Orchestra so the boys and I have been enjoying the tunes. Kyle was a little confused when we were listening to Manheim's "Away In A Manger". He asked why there was not any singing and before I could explain, Cody told him that the instruments do the singing. I love his explanation so much better than how I would have answered.

4. Congratulations to the Richards' family on their expanding family. I am anxious to see how little Maggie mothers the little one. I am sure that her and Brendan will be a great big help to mom. I know mine have been awesome help with laundry and even vaccuming for me.

5. The Hladik Christmas will be this weekend at my aunt's house near Prague. I was really looking forward to attending but, after much thought have decided that is little to far to travel this close to delivery day. I think the plan is to either put up the tree or do some much needed Christmas shopping.

6. We woke up to a suprise the morning, SNOW! What a beautiful sight to see on a cold December morning.

7. I am hoping to see the Kingfisher Lights, maybe this weekend if the family and I am up for it. It just isn't Christmas without walking across the lighted bridge. I love that bridge. It feels so romamtic and magical to see it and walk across it.

8. Cody and the Tiget cubs will be caroling at a nursing home next week. Yesterday they did some fun Christmas crafts and even made a card to send over to the deployed troops.

9. I am working somewhat frantically to get as much of my work done as possible. I really did not realize how many little things that I do and making sure that things that I have planned are told to someone else, just in case I go into labor early. I am hoping to work until the 16th, so hopefully I get it all done and get my desked cleaned off.

10. I am hoping to get with Amanda this weekend for a blog workshop so that I can load pictures and do some other neat things, so that my faithful few followers can see what is going on. I am hoping to blog after the baby arrives, so everyone can see what our baby is a looks like.

Have a great week!