Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blogging Day 2

Wow! What a suprise to login and not only see I have comments but also followers! Thanks for joining in.

I didn't get to do a 10 on Tuesday yesterday, so here"s a few things that have gone on this week.

MONDAY - Halloween and my dad's birthday.

Halloween was fun even in all the chaos and made for a late night. Cody was a mummy this year and Kyle kept with his old stand by of the last 3 years and went as a cowboy. I was not nearly prepared for Halloween, so I put together goodie bags for my nephews, great nephews and great nieces and then got the boys into there costumes. We went and saw Amanda at the dorm before she had to go to a lecture, then to my cousin's house, followed by my sis-in-law, then to my inlaws and a few houses on their street. My mother-in-law made her famous Sterling Stew as she always does on Halloween. Yummy! We headed out of town and back toward the house and stopped at mom and dad's to wish dad a happy birthday and give him his present and trick or treat them.

I was able to see all but 2 of my nieces and nephews and great nieces and great nephews. The cast this year was (in order of appearance) Annabelle as a beautiful princess, Michael as Yoda, Abigail as a cute 5 month old (no costume), Ethan as Spiderman, Hunter as Spiderman, Chloe as an enchanting Garden Fairy, Wyatt as a sleeping Decepticon and Andrew as a stripped Spiderman. Apparently Spiderman was very popular.

TUESDAY - Started blogging, baby dr appointment, All Saints school party.

I finally took the leap and started my blog. I am still figuring some of this out and may need a tutorial from Amanda (pretty please!). Hopefully soon I will have pictures loaded of the boys.

Had my appointment with the baby doctor as I am know going every 2 weeks. Only 7 more weeks to go! I had to wait a little longer than normal because he had to do an emergency c-section. The heart rate was 140 and I go back on the 18th.

Headed directly to the school as I was running about 5 minutes late for the parties. Cody went as St. George and wore his Tiger cub uniform and Kyle went as St. Isidore and wore his overalls and boots. I completely forgot to take pictures of them. Cody's class did a few art projects and had snacks, so I went over to Kyle's class to find out that the teacher had decided to have a low key party because they were all pretty hyped up on sugar that morning, so they celebrated with pizza and games on the intelliboard.

Wednesday - Nothing to exciting...

I did not have much planned for today other than work, which changed with a phone call from the school secretary about 1:45 p.m. Cody was in the office with severe earache that hurt if he did not keep his hand over it. Called the dr and was able to get in to see his PA at 2:15. Rushed to the school and then rushed to the dr office. He has the beginnings of an ear infection so we got some antibiotics and he seems to be feeling fairly well this evening. Went to the grocery store and then to get Kyle from school and came home to start dinner. Scotty came home from work and found that his pickup is leaking coolant, he thinks he has found the problem and the part is not too expensive but requires removal of alot of stuff (girl talk for engine parts) to get to the problem. OH JOY!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring!!


  1. Anytime you need help with it, just let me know! I hope that Cody feels better and that Scotty will get his pickup fixed!

  2. Ah, the flurry of activity that surrounds life with small kids! I remember it well...mostly I remember the fatigue and never getting to see my husband. What are your thoughts on this new little blessing you are carrying? Are you excited? nervous? or just ready to move on to having it in your arms?
    I know we hardly ever talk anymore but know that I think of you and yours often and hold you all in my prayers, especially you and the new baby.

  3. Yes, I am very excited for my little bundle to be here. I am hoping that this is like riding a bike. Since Kyle is almost 5 I feel a little out of practice and was enjoying being able to jump in the car without having to pack a diaper bag, bottles, sippy cups, etc. I am starting to feel a little miserable due to having problems getting comfortable to sleep, backaches and swollen ankles, but it will all be worth it in the end.

    I think if you often too, especially last night when I was talking with Graciela Ala Torre about her children.

    Hope to see you at the Thanksgiving dinner next Sunday.