Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Slowdown

This is akin to the Ten on Tuesday, but as it it hard for me to get to blog during the week this is my version!

1. Cody and Tiger cubs - He has already got his 2 beltloops for archery and BB gun, and we now have a list of ones that we can work on at home. We will be visiting the main fire station tomorrow for our meeting as another Go See It. We also have the book to start working on his Light of Christ.

2. Kyle's birthday - We are now at less than 2 weeks until his birthday and I am still trying to get things planned out. We have talked about having a party at the Y for all his classmates, but I am not sure that it will fit into our plans, due to Thanksgiving weekend being before his birthday and my hope to get him and Cody enrolled in Sibling classes on Dec 3rd. I am thinking we will have the  family party on the 4th, but not for sure where yet.

3. Baby update - Only 4 more weeks to go! Friday was my check up with the baby doctor. Everything was good, heart rate was 156 and he is estimating it to be around 7 lbs. We have a c-section scheduled for December 19, which is the due date, so the little bundle will be here by then. I am still needing to get in gear and get things together for the arrival of our little bundle. I am hoping to go to the city this weekend and find a carseat as ours expired last year and the canopy was broken. I think we have decided what room the baby will be in, we now just have to get things moved in and out. I don't remember if I have posted names yet, but here they are in case I haven't:. Cole Joseph for a boy and Kate Helen for a girl. Scotty picked out the first names and I picked out the middle names.

 Cole is just a name that we both liked although it does have a funny story behind it. A few months back I was reading the baby name book, much to Scotty's dismay, and I was reading the meaning of the names. Cole is short for Nicholas, which is one of Scotty's friend from the fire department and is a shorter guy. Kyle told us that yes Nicholas is short and so is his 2 yr old son, also named Nicholas. Joseph is somewhat after my dad. His middle name is Joe, but I liked the way Joseph sounded better.

Kate is my little sisters middle name and is somewhat named after her, but Scotty really like the name Katie but it did not sound as great with Helen. I refused to change the middle name as that is my Mimi's name, so we went with Kate.

4. Bake Day - My mom, sisters and I had a impromptu bake day yesterday that was fun. We have baked more things in the past few weeks than we have in years. On the menu this time were bierox and cinnamon rolls and mom and I had to make our potato dumplings for the Thanksgiving dinner at church. The bierox were yummy and Andrew took an instant liking to them and cutely calls them "rocks". The cinnamon rolls were awesome and to me they taste a little bit like pecan pie in a roll. At my dad's suggestion we added honey and nutmeg to the normal brown sugar, sugar, cinnamon and nuts filling, which we think eased the sometimes overpowering bitterness of some cinnamon rolls.

5.Scotty's phone - This made the list becasue my husband had been waiting for over a month for a new phone, and with Pioneer having their Black Friday event this past Friday, he had scheduled to whole day off. He is very much like a kid with a new toy and is constantly finding cool stuff that his phone will do. I think his favorite feature is the capability to talk to his phone and it will text or search the internet for what he says. He has had much fun with this and has led to me having some very interesting texts that take me a few minutes to figure out (i.e. beirox = beer ops and Cody = Tony).

6. Thankgiving Potluck - Friday was our potluck at work, which is always filled with great food and a miserable afternoon after eating too much of said great food. I brought beef roast and cranberry chutney. This was my first time to make chutney and it was so good and easy. My hubby actually was able to attend this year as he had atken off to get his phone and run some other errands.  This was probably one of our lesser attended potlucks by employees but many were on vacation as they are trying to use up time before the end of the year.

7. Thanksgiving at the church - Today was the annual Thanksgiving dinner at church, so this is my second of 4 Thanksgiving dinners! Mom and I are on the dumpling group so we left this morning about 5:45 a.m. to start our dumplings. We have to go early as the kitchen is not great big and we shift the different groups so we are not all in each other's way. The dressing ladies normally get there around 5 am, followed but us the dumpling ladies, then the turkey lady, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans, so that lunch is ready to be served at 11:00 a.m. It is always enjoyable to see everyone that attends. It was great to see the Blakley/Richardson clan and my Mimi!

8. Thanksgiving Day - On the menu for our Thanksgiving at my parents is: smoked ham, turkey, cheesy potatoes, sweet potatos, green beans, peas, Watergate salad, cranberry salad, rolls and pumpkin cheesecake. As for the dinner that evening at my in-laws, all I know so far is turkey, as the full menu has not been discussed yet.

9. I am hoping to start my Christmas shopping on Saturday. My hope was to be almost done by now, but it hasn't happened. I have a few ideas for most everyone, so it should not be too bad.

10. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Hope everyone has an enjoyable day spending time with their families and counting their blessings. I know I will be.

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  1. I know you have tons of family to help you with things in preparation for the baby's arrival, but if you need anything that I can do to help you, know that all you need to do it ask. I am always here for you dear.