Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love Thursday

Here are some of my loves for the week.

1. I love how talented and handy my hubby is. He can work on cars, electrical issues, plumbing, wood working, etc. My dad and my grandpas also had that ability, so I find it very conforting to know that I have someone that can take of things at our house without having to call someone. BTW he installed my new dishwasher!

2. I love being able to see my nephews on a regular basis and to watch them learn and grow. Wyatt has now lost 2 teeth, and Andy is talking up a storm and is such the little man these days.

3. I love how Cody amazes me everyday. He has such natural talent with drawing and does an amazing job with it. I bought him some learn to draw books yeserday that show you step by step how to draw animals, cars, etc. I gave them to him last night and within an hour of him receiving the books he had drawn and colored a camal and a car. Hubby and I were pretty shocked at how good they looked and had to question that he had not traced them. Then this morning he drew pencil people while waiting for everyone to get ready to leave this morning. He must of got this creative gene from his aunts as I have no creative ability!

4. I love how much Cole is growing (I am a little sad also). His second tooth is almost through and he is starting to babble and scoot around a little. I also love how happy of a baby he is, especially when he has just woke up. That smile melts my heart.

5. I love how a sick child needs to be babied. Kyle has had a little virus where he runs a fever and has headaches. When he is feeling pretty rough and the Tylenol or Motrin has worn off, he cannot do the most simplest tasks like covering himself with a blanket or getting himself water (and it has to be in a sippy cup). It sometimes is a little exasperating, but it is also nice to know that you are still needed.

Hope everyone has a LOVEly day!


  1. Everything on this list just makes my heart smile! All of those boys are so amazing! See ya tomorrow! :)

  2. I love it that you are doing Love Thursdays, at least sometimes. I did them for about a year and found that I hadn't realized how many wonderful things surrounded me before stopping to notice all my blessings. I especially love it that you have a little artist in your group. Wonderful!!!!