Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ten on Wednesday!

  1.  Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great day! My baby sis took me to lunch and then I got to have dinner with my whole family and Scotty's parents along with Tonisha. Thanks to everyone for the wishes, presents and spending time with me. It means alot!
  2. Easter weekend was busy but very enjoyable. We had a 2 hour Mass on Saturday night with egg hunting to follow. Sunday we had brunch at my parents with egg hunting to follow, home for a nap for mom and Cole, then supper at my inlaws, with egg hunting to follow. As you can see the Easter bunny was a hoppin' at the Moody household.
  3. Random conversation with Kyle on the way home Monday night:
    • Kyle: How old are you mom?
    • Me: 28 but I will be 29 tomorrow
    • Kyle: And then you will be 30, 31, 32, 100!
    • Me: Thanks Kyle!
  4. We broke the news to the boys Sunday afternoon that they will be attending a new school next year. Scotty and I were a little nervous about how they would take it, but they took the news very well. Cody"s main concern was that we need to keep the school phonebook so that he can call his friends. Kyle was super duper excited that he can "wear anything that I want because they do not have uniforms!" Funny they never have complained about wearing them. They are also very excited to ride the bus, especially since Wyatt will be riding with them. Good luck to the bus drivers! Cody also questioned if they would learn about Jesus at school, which made me a little sad to tell him no, and that there would be no prayer or mass to attend. I'm sure it will take some adjusting but they will be fine...right?
  5. I am taking Kyle to his kindegarten pre-enrollment and testing. It will be interesting to see how he tests as he is already starting to read!
  6. This weekend Scotty, Cody and Kyle are going on a Boy Scout campout, so Cole and I will be chillin' at home as our allergies have flared up really bad this week. I am a little bummed that I have had to miss the campouts, but there is always next year.
  7. Another random coversation with Kyle as we were driving last night to the restaurant, we saw a 1970's model car parked in a parking lot:
    • Kyle: Look Cody, that car is old! It has to be from the 90's
    • Me: No, Kyle it is from the 70's.
    • Kyle: Wow that is really old!
  8. Happy belated anniversary to my mom and dad. Here is to another 34 or more years of marriage!
  9. I believe that there is another baby boom happening, I know of about 10 people that are expecting babies this year! Congratulations to all those expecting!
  10. There still has not been any activity on getting Cole's room organized. Maybe this weekend?

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  1. They will have so much fun on the little bus every day! I know it is a long ride but with your cousins it will be a blast blast for them. Hooray for keeping the country bus routes open!!